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Small Fish Big Fish provides our customers with access to swimming lessons with skilled instructors, all at a reasonable cost. From children only six months old to adults in their sixties, we offer swim lessons to students of all age groups. The lessons are divided amongst those of similar age and skill, allowing comfortable socialization with peer groups as well as the valuable exercises. We are proud to service the Gulf Stream, Florida area.

Swim School In Gulf Stream Florida
Small Fish Big Fish swim school is a state of the art indoor swimming facility, opened slightly more than six years ago. The facility includes a one thousand square foot pool, a waiting area for parents, and a swim store for any supplies you may need for your classes. All instructors are qualified to act as lifeguards, perform CPR, and administer first aid. More than anything else, safety for our customers is the number one priority for all of us here at the swim school.

Baby Swimming Lessons In Gulf Stream Florida
The baby swimming lessons here at Small Fish Big Fish are less physically intensive than those of the older students. Typically, these babies are not required to do much in these baby swim classes more than become familiar with the danger associated with the activity and preventing that damage from taking place. Simple things like breath control and learning to float are the focus of our swimming lessons for babies, as they simply don’t have the muscle control for much more than that.

Swimming Lessons for Toddlers In Gulf Stream Florida
Swimming lessons for toddlers, children between one and three years of age, are one of the many classes offered here at Small Fish Big Fish. Children in this age group are starting to develop the motor skills that allow them to stand and walk rather than crawl. As such, this is also an ideal age to introduce your child to swimming. In these lessons, our customers can bond with their children over the fun of playing in the water while still allowing them to learn the skills that could prevent them from drowning one day.

Swimming Lessons for Infants In Gulf Stream Florida
For children between two and six months old, Small Fish Big Fish offers free swimming classes. While this is limited to those who have already signed up for the annual membership, these swimming lessons for infants are completely free of charge. The younger your child is when they learn how to swim, the more comfortable they will be in the water as they grow older. So register now for these infant swim classes, and your child will receive quality instruction at a reasonable cost.

Swimming Lessons for Kids In Gulf Stream Florida
After certain developmental milestones have been reached, it is no longer necessary to separate children into classes solely based on age. Instead, swimming lessons for kids four years old and older are divided by levels of skill and experience in the water. Small Fish Big Fish is dedicated to helping our customers get the most they can out of each and every swimming classes for kids lessons, and this process helps ensure that children of wildly disparate ability are not grouped together.

Swimming Lessons for Adults In Gulf Stream Florida
Here at Small Fish Big Fish, we offer classes for customers of all ages. While most of our lessons are for children or infants, swimming lessons for adults are also available. You are never too old to learn how to swim and neglecting this valuable life skill could be the death of you one day. Whether it’s for recreation or just for peace of mind, our swimming classes for adults will help you feel comfortable in the water.

Survival Swimming Lessons In Gulf Stream Florida
Swimming is fun but it is also serious. We always make safety a priority and want to make sure they are taught the proper survival swimming lessons. This way if the unexpected happens, they will know what to do when help arrives. We also follow Infant Swimming Resource also called ISR guidelines for drowning prevention.

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