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Tips For Parents For Having A Safe Pool Party

Tips For Parents For Having A Safe Pool Party

posted on Dec 12, 2018

One of the biggest benefits of living in South Florida is the weather, where we can swim in our pools most of the year. Kids especially will take advantage of every chance they can get to enjoy playing and swimming in the pool. If one of your kids has a birthday coming up then a pool party is usually at the top of the list. Below are some important tips and thoughts to protect your party for the entire group while keeping up a relaxed and joyful environment for parents and children.

Water Watcher or Lifeguard
Safety First! The first thing you want to do is make sure you have a dedicated water watcher or a lifeguard who is insured. Some parents tend to think that just because there will be other parents around the pool area that they will be covered. It doesn’t take long for an unfortunate accident to happen. Something as simple as going inside the house to the kitchen or restroom for a few minutes, thinking that nothing can go wrong in that short time span but that couldn’t be further from the truth. We cannot stress how important it is to have a lifeguard or water watcher focused on all the kids in the pool at all times.

One of the biggest concerns for parents is their kids getting sun burned during any outdoor activity. Arrange a table with an umbrella for shade and spread out some waterproof sunscreen. A better option is to request that the parents or any approved adult apply sunscreen before they arrive at the party with their children. This way it allows time to let the sunscreen soak in so that by the time they arrive at the pool party they don’t have to wait and can get in the pool immediately.

Stay Hydrated
Making sure everybody stays hydrated can be challenging. When your children are enjoying in the pool, the warmth won't appear to be so terrible and they will not realize that they are sweating. Keep a well-stocked cooler with a variety of drinks including water and juices to keep everybody appropriately hydrated. One other tip to make sure kids drink more water is having salty snacks like chips available which will make them thirsty.

Take Breaks
When kids are around other kids, they tend to have that much more energy and want to keep going non-stop. If this is the case, then schedule some breaks for the children to hydrate and re-apply sunscreen with the goal to monitor everybody and ensure they are being properly taken care of.

Back Up Plans
Getting your CPR accreditation will keep you more prepared should a crisis emerge. It’s always better to play it safe than sorry. Always keep a cell phone nearby for any crisis that may occur. 

To guarantee your pool party is a fun event, provide a variety of activities. Have some toys and games for the pool (volleyball, water guns, etc.) and keep them accessible for play.

Having a pool party that is safe can still be fun. Utilize the tips above and appreciate the party.
Imagine the pain you would experience from losing your kid at a pool party out of just negligence! It’s crucial to ensure that your child’s safety is a priority so make sure that there is a proper supervision at the pool party. More importantly, children who take swim lessons from an early age grows while excelling in various activities.

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