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Swimming is Good for Health

Swimming is Good for Health

posted on Apr 22, 2022

Swimming is a fun activity during hot days. People jump in to the water to stay cool and play games such as water limbo, splash volleyball, belly flop contest and follow the leader. Swimming in the water is beneficial for health reasons such as:
Good for the Heart: The cardiovascular system incorporates a person’s heart as well as his or her blood vessels. Having a healthy system can lower the risk of connected diseases as well as heart attacks. Spending time in the water can also help lower high blood pressure.
Being in Water is part of Working Out: Swimming in the pool is part of cross-training. Spending time in the pool is also an exercise that impacts bones and muscles like other sports such as running and weightlifting. This kind of activity gives a person positive energy. Being in the pool for 30-mintues is the same as exercising for 40-mintues in the gym.
Spending Time in the Pool has Positive Effects on Mood: While being in the water, there are exercises that opens peoples’ minds to more positive energy. The movement in the water can help with anxiety. The person can relax and stretch his or her body in many ways.
Swimming Gives a Sense of Reflection: When people get into the water, it can help the jumbling thoughts going through their minds and turn them into clear, joyful thoughts of life. People can figure out ways to overcome difficulties that make their day unenjoyable. During this time, they feel breeze and cool water relaxing them from the challenges they have been going through.
Can Stop Overheating: Some people find it important to keep their bodies fit, but the weather can be too hot to be active outside especially during the summertime. Swimming is a good sport for people to stretch and keep their bodies cool. Sunscreen also can be thought of as water’s little sidekick when protecting people during hot sunny days. Therefore, indoor swimming is considered better.
Swimming Increases Metabolism: Easy swimming is key to burning 500-calories per hour. If people add more energy, they could burn 700-calories per hour. Swimming lets people develop lean muscles and fat-trimming mechanisms. This is an active cooling sport that can keep the human body in good condition.
This Activity Improves Sleep: Falling asleep can be a challenge for a few people, but swimming could be a solution. A 2010 study showed that 17 inactive people at the age of 61 had an issue with restlessness. Sleep and exercise are important in life.
Swimming is not only fun but important to people’s physical and mental health. This shows that people should not be afraid to jump in the water and enjoy the time they spend. Being in the water, people can better their bodies and minds

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