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Swimming Breathing Tips

Swimming Breathing Tips

posted on Feb 18, 2019

When you are teaching children how to swim, there are four main skills you must make sure that they have learned before anything else. In order to be able to swim competently, a child must be taught about buoyancy, submersion, balance, and breath control. Of the four skills, breath control is without a doubt the most crucial skill a child must learn in order to safely enjoy swimming. There are a variety of ways to make sure that these lessons sink in properly.

The easiest way to begin teaching a child about breath control is through the process of blowing bubbles in the water. When they are in the tub at home or at a pool, the next time your child is floating in water, have them blow bubbles into it. Not only can this help children learn about breath control, but also it teaches children about submersion, and how to deal with their mouth and nose being under the water. Blowing bubbles like this has other benefits as well. It gets children accustomed to the sensation of needing to come up for air after being submerged and the best way to do so.

Another way to start teaching your child about breath control is by using the game bobbing for apples. Bobbing for apples is a game in which the participants fill a large tub or basin with water, and then put apples into the water to float around. The participants then have to remove the apples from the tub while using only their mouths and teeth. By teaching your children how to play this game, they will also learn how to hold their breath in the process. They will also become accustomed to multitasking in the water, holding their breath while also
performing other tasks.

Yet another method of teaching your young children about how to control their breathing is by having them dive for rings. It is a common site at any beach or local neighborhood pool, of children playing with rings and dive sticks, retrieving them from deep under the water. Diving for rings is a fun activity for groups of children to entertain themselves with, that also helps them learn better breath control simply by participating. This method is only suitable for children who are already comfortable swimming in the water, and who have some degree of experience with complete submersion.

One last method of teaching a child about proper breath control is the simplest of any other method, just having them practice outside of the water. This allows you to help your child improve the skills they need to be strong swimmers without actually putting them in any danger of drowning. By presenting this idea to them as some kind of fun game or competition, you can trick your child into practicing their breath control wherever you are. Merely having them do things like see how long they can hold their breath can be valuable practice, and a fun way to practice their swimming skills.

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