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How Your Child Can Overcome Their Fear Of Water

How Your Child Can Overcome Their Fear Of Water

posted on Nov 16, 2018

While water is an enticing play area for children, some children are afraid of or just not comfortable around water, creating a potential for even more danger. If your child is afraid of or is uncomfortable around water, you CAN enable them to overcome it. By considering the reasons for this fear and going up against the hurdle of helping them overcome them, you can transform your apprehensive child into a water-loving little fish.

Reasons Behind Children’s Fear of Water
There are many reasons a child may be afraid of or uncomfortable around water. Regardless of the reason, children who have a fear of water acknowledge that fear by adhering to the guidelines of their parents. Others could be frightened of water, maybe because of a fearful situation. Still some have no clear motivations to fear water, yet just appear to show hesitation.

Getting Started
The way you acquaint your child with water can have a very big effect on their emotional well being. By not pushing your child towards the water but rather enabling them to end up enjoying it, you can most likely lessen any anxiety they may have had from swimming in the water. Start by taking small steps by acclimating your child with water. Carefully observe their initial actions in the water to ensure there are no negative water experiences.

Overcoming Their Fear of Water
Many parents experience issues in what to do when their child fears water. Unfortunately, some parents may try to fight through this fear by pushing the child towards the water, even against their will, thinking there is nothing to fear from the water. However, this will INCREASE their fear of the water. It is subjecting to a child to a stressful experience. It’s better to encourage your child to investigate water in a positive manner. Demonstrate how much fun you can have in the water.

Reward Adventurousness
Urge your child to go into the pool by praising them with positive reinforcement. Before you ask them to go in the pool, set an objective for your child. Some initial baby steps may be as simple as just putting their feet in the water, then give them encouragement for taking that first step. Gradually, your child will develop confidence in the water, and once they have truly found out how to swim, they will be on their way.

Professional Help
If your child is still sensing some anxiousness of the water then it might be best to get them swimming lessons. At Small Fish Big Fish Swim School, we teach much more than just swimming, we give our students a foundation for life. Our goal is to teach children self-confidence, discipline and well being through the lifelong sport of swimming.  We have a highly trained staff that provides our unique brand of professional swim lessons and exceptional service.  

If your child has a fear of water or you just wish to develop their confidence in water, then sign up for our Free Trial by filling out the form at the link below

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