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Testimonials / Public Relations

We are so proud of our staff and what we stand for in our community.  Take a look at our YouTube channel and see what others are saying about us.   Small Fish Big Fish Youtube channel


PB Parenting June 2014 article about Staying Safe in the Water all year round   http://issuu.com/felonicedesigns/docs/pbp_june14_web/8


Small Fish Big Fish Swim School was also on the news!!  The following is a interview we did with our local CBS affiliate CBS News 12 on - May 21, 2012 

Swimming lessons should start early Pool safety begins with swim lessons early for kids. Getting them comfortable  and confident in the water is a skill that will last a lifetime.  Here is a link to the News Coverage


Another great Testimonials:


Living in Florida I thought it was very important for my son to learn to swim.  In April of 2012 our family was so fortunate to find Coach Melissa and Small Fish Big Fish Swim School.  My son, Aiden, was just two years old at the time and previously had some swim lessons but remained a bit nervous in the water.  We started in the Mommy and Me class where he learned that getting his face wet wasn’t so bad.  He quickly progressed to swimming under water.  His sticking point was that he did not want to float on his back in the water.  Then in December of 2012, during a private lesson he had with Coach Melissa, he started to float on his back.  That day he floated and floated and floated.  He finally felt comfortable and confident enough to float on his back.  Since then there has been no stopping him.  He will jump into the pool, swim without hesitation and not be bothered by a wet face.  Along the way he has had so many great coaches in the water, including Melissa, Andy and Pam.  Thank you for all of the wonderful work you do with my son and every other child that walks through your doors.  We look to many more years of swimming with Small Fish Big Fish Swim School!  



Miranda Stanford and Aiden