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Our Facility

Small Fish Big Fish Swim School opened its year round state of the art indoor facility on Pike Road in West Palm Beach in February of 2012. 

About Our Facility:

Our 5,300 square foot facility features:

  • 1,000 square foot shallow teaching pool ranging from 3.0 to 4.6 feet deep
  • 90-92 Degree Water Temperature (ideal for body temperature regulation and motor movement)
  • Air Condition Reception/Viewing Area for parents with free WiFi
  • Swim Store supplying you with all your aquatic and educational activity supply needs
  • State of the art pool filtration and treatment systems

About our water quality:

Our filtration system is designed with industrial grade controls, filtration, and treatment systems that have been used in the most rigorous Florida municipal pool and water park applications for nearly 30 years. This constitutes an investment in equipment & service that goes above and beyond treatment packages found in traditional swim school pools.

The control system is equipped with a remote communication package that will alert operators if ANY major water quality parameter slips outside the optimum range, allowing for immediate correction -- well before it become apparent to SFBF patrons. The DOH-approved Ultra-Violet (UV) treatment system provides single-pass removal of cryptosporidium, giardia, and thousands of chlorine-resistant organisms. This system has received "EPA-approved validation" for performance to assure SFBF patrons of ultimate protection against waterborne diseases.

Small Fish Big Fish staff has received advanced training and operator certification per Department of Health Standards. The water is perfect.....come on in!

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