FAQS | Small Fish Big Fish Swim School



How Quickly will my child learn to swim?

Every child is different and learns differently. Learning depends upon many factors including their developmental stage, previous experiences around water, ability to deal with change and practice. Some children regress a little before they progress. It is important to be patient and positive.

What if My Child Cries?

Most children especially young ones cry in the begging and that is normal. Young children communicate with adults in a unfamiliar environment by crying it is a normal expression. It is important to remember your child is in a new environment with a strange person and they look to mom and dad for approval. As lessons continue the anxieties become less evident the fun begins. If your child expresses excessive fears it is important to continuing lessons and vital not to stop and continue until they conquer and overcome them. Being positive and giving them praise is the best thing you can do to help them along their learning process.

What age is my child ready to learn to swim?

The earlier the start a child has the more likely they are to accept the water and more ready to learn to swim sooner. The earlier they start the less fear there is.

What can I do help my child learn?

Be involved! Understand why we are working on what we are and provide time for practice. Show your pleasure with your child's progress no matter how small it is. The more positive reinforcement your child has the more self confident they will be. The greatest motivator for any child is the approval of mom and dad. Talk regularly with your child about how proud of them you are and what a good job they are doing.

How long before a lesson can I feed my child?

We recommend not feeding your child for at least 2 hours before a lesson especially dairy products. It is no fun swimming with an upset belly.