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What You Need To Know About Swimming Goggles For Kids

What You Need To Know About Swimming Goggles For Kids

posted on Jan 09, 2019

To some, swimming is a sacred art form and to others, swimming is a therapeutic fun exercise, an opportunity to escape the chaos of this world and transcend into peaceful realms. Exposing your children to this ancient exercise and skill is the one-way ticket they need to build a very useful life-saving skill that gives them a whole lot of benefits.

However, there are many misconceptions and misunderstandings in the swimming world that has limited children in exploring their inner abilities to adapt to swimming naturally. For example, floaties and puddle jumpers can actually do more harm than good for kids because it gives them false confidence.  Another example is when it comes to kids wearing swimming goggles when they are learning how to swim. Here is what you need to know when it comes to swimming goggles for kids.

Swimming goggles have many benefits while learning how to take the first swimming steps. They are a piece of valuable equipment needed to learn breath control and buoyancy. When kids are introduced into the water for the first time, we advise that comfortable and well-fitting swimming goggles are made available for them. We sell them at our swimming facility. This would help keep them safe underwater as they get familiar with swimming techniques. Swimming goggles also increase a beginner’s visibility underwater, allowing them to be accustomed to the depths of the water.

In as much as it has been mentioned that swimming goggles are important to aid children to learn how to breathe, it is important to note that we are actually teaching our children a lifesaving skill. By teaching our kids swimming, we are giving them an opportunity to be able to rescue themselves in bodies of water, whether it’s in a pool, ocean or lake, in the event of an accidental situation in the water. Since it is not likely that your child will be wearing goggles if they accidentally fall in the water, it is very important that they get used to the underwater experience without goggles getting in the way.

Swimming goggles have a way of making us very dependent on them. The more we use them, the more we get used to them, the more we feel we can't swim without them. This is why at Small Fish Big Fish Swim School we strongly recommend that you teach your children to swim without dependency on swimming goggles so that they are well prepared for the unexpected.

Practicing activities like the Octopus crawl, Alligator and retrieving rings without the use of swimming goggles will help better prepare your children in the event of an emergency.

It is impossible to overstate the importance of swimming as a lifesaving skill. Swimming can elevate the mental state of a person, serve as a good sport to keep the body in tune and at the same time offer insurance for safety in the case of an accident.

However, its potential to add value to your children's life can be hampered by an over-dependence on swimming goggles. This is why at Small Fish Big Fish Swim School, we encourage our swimmers to practice without swimming goggles. The results have been simply amazing.

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