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The Gift of Swimming

The Gift of Swimming

posted on Dec 04, 2017

The Gift of Swimming!

With holiday season swimming around the corner we are all getting in the mood of giving. One gift that I am most thankful for this season is that I learned how to swim! Swimming has changed my life, and it can change your child’s life too. Learning how to swim has some pretty amazing benefits that will last a lifetime, and some of them you might’ve not even known. Here are four of my favorite benefits your little one can get from learning how to swim:


Teaching your child how to safely interact with water is one of the most important life skills you can teach them. Learning to be safe and confident around the water will help your child remain calm should a dangerous situation arise. They will know how to swim effectively to stay safe. Not to mention it’s a skill that can save your child’s life! Children are 88 percent less likely to drown while entolled in swim lesson’s.

Health & Fitness

Swimming is an amazing and fun exercise that works out your entire body. You can feel at ease knowing that your little fishes are doing something that is fun, and good for their health. Swimming is also a very low impact exercise that increases flexibility, and is the least likely sport to cause an injury. So trade in those cleats in for some fins!

Mind Strength

Learning new skills help your child’s brain grow and stay healthy. When your little one learns a new skill it improves their development of critical thinking, and teaches them a whole new set of motor skills. Swimming is also a wonderful stepping stone to learning lots of other skills like surfing, kayaking, and scuba diving.


My favorite benefit of swimming is the confidence it can give your child! Learning how to swim is a great accomplishment that will give your child a sense of fulfillment. They don’t have to feel scared playing at the beach or pool, they can feel confident knowing they have nothing to be afraid of. This confidence will show in the water, and outside of it too!

So help your little one become a safe, healthy, smart, and confident and give them the gift of swimming this holiday season!


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