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Safety Tips For Your Kids Pool Toys

Safety Tips For Your Kids Pool Toys

posted on Aug 30, 2018

Pool toys can be the best way to make your child engaged and comfortable in swimming pools. They will also have a fun time in the water. Just like any other pool-time experiences, it is important to consider swim safety for your children’s pool toys too. You need to know some important tips for swim safety. Here are some of the pool toy safety tips that will help your child to swim safely in the pool:

Tip #1: Always check the toys before using them
It is important to check each and every toy before using them. Check for the crack and holes as well as for bugs in the toys. This rule is important, especially, if you are pulling out the toys that you have stored away for months. Lots of damages can happen including rust, animals nesting inside, holes etc. Just quickly check through each and every toy before you put them into the pool.

Tip #2: Clean them properly
Keeping pool toys clean and tidy is essential to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs. To prevent the bacterial growth and slimy buildup, rinse off the pool toys before you put them in the pool. When finished, always make sure to dry out the toys and clean them properly before storing them in dry places. This prevents growth of mold.

Tip #3: Review the safety rules before using toys
Before the children grab their favorite toys and jump into the pool, you must review the safety rules again. Even if you think that you have discussed enough about the safety rules with them, you must read out the safety rules again. Repeating these rules will help them to keep in their memory forever.

Tip #4: Pool noodles safety
Being one of the most favorite pool toys for kids, everyone wants to use the pool noodles. But you need to make sure that one kid is on the noodle at a time. They are quite buoyant in nature and it is meant for one swimmer at a time. This toy is the best way to help the swimmer float but it must not be used as floating device or lifejacket.

Tip #5: Checkout the snorkels before using
Snorkeling is another favorite pool-time experience for the kids. But before you use the snorkeling toy masks, you must ensure whether or not the snorkel masks are in right condition. A broken or dysfunctional mask cannot fulfill the purpose. Also, check for any leaks or cracks as this can let the water into the mask.
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